Trilogy DL3

Transit Bike Rack | 3-Position


The Trilogy™ DL3 transit bike rack for up to three bikes.

The DL3, commonly referred to as the Trilogy™, is a very durable bike rack constructed from steel. It is the largest and heaviest Sportworks model designed for full-sized 102-inch wide transit vehicles. Bikes can be loaded and unloaded independently. The Trilogy™ is available in stainless or mild steel and is available with a range of colour and finish options.

The Trilogy's support arm accommodates bicycles with wheel sizes from 20 inches to 29 inches. The wheel trays can secure bicycles with up to a 44-inch wheelbase and tyres up to 3 inches wide. The rack’s unique No Scratch™ support arm secures the front tyre without the need for straps or cords and prevents damage to bikes.

To load a bike, the cyclist simply places the bicycle in the tray then pulls the spring arm out and over the wheel to securely mount the bike on the rack, without the need for assistance from the driver, so buses can keep to schedule.

Benefits of the Trilogy DL3™

Safely and securely transports up to three bicycles.

Intuitive and easy to use.

Simple to install.

Available in stainless or mild steel, and comes in a variety of colours/finishes.

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