Apex 2

Transit Bike Rack | 2-Position


The Apex 2™ transit rack is a compact, sleek and modular bike rack for two bikes.

With an innovative design, the new Apex 2 frame, wheel trays, and support arms reduce bounce. The rack footprint has been minimised for enhanced vehicle turn radius, less turn signal and headlight interference, as well as improved safety. This two-position bike rack sets the new standard for bike racks on buses.

The Apex 2™ carries two bikes on a completely modular frame and is compatible with existing Sportworks mounting brackets.

Simple and easy to use, the cyclist can independently load and unload their bike without the need for assistance from the driver, so buses can keep to schedule.

Benefits of the Apex 2™

Modified wheel trays accommodate the majority of bikes with up to 29" diameter wheels, 3.2" wide tyres and a 48" wheelbase.

New support arm handles provide better ergonomics and make the rack very easy-to-use.

The rack’s modular design reduces maintenance costs by allowing damaged and worn out parts to be easily replaced

The robust stainless steel construction has an anti-glare finish and provides maximum corrosion resistance.

Optional fat tyre trays and support arms accommodate tyres up to 5.5" in width and a 51" wheelbase.

Right hand drive configuration available.