Transit Bike Rack | 2-Position


The DL2 transit bike rack is the most widely used transit bike rack in the world. It has been in use on thousands of buses throughout North America since 1992, and more recently Europe and Australia. DL2 racks are easy to use, install and maintain.

Synonymous with quality and durability, the DL2 is a workhorse of a bike rack. Cyclists love the DL2 because it is so simple to load and unload their bikes from. Transit operators love the racks because they are easy to install and durable enough to withstand the tough transit environment.

To load a bike, the cyclist simply places the bicycle in the tray then pulls the spring arm out and over the wheel to securely mount the bike on the rack, without the need for assistance from the driver, so buses can keep to schedule.

Benefits of the DL2™

Safely and securely transports two bicycles.

Intuitive and easy to use.

Lightweight and simple to install.

Available in stainless or mild steel, and comes in a variety of colours/finishes.

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