Using the Bus Rack

    Step-By-Step Instructions


Approaching from the curbside, the rider lowers the rack with one hand while supporting the bike with the other hand. Weighing less than 30 pounds, this durable rack is as easy to raise as it is to lower. In fact, tests show that most first-time users can load or unload their bike in approximately 15 seconds or less.


After lowering the rack, the rider places the bike into either of the racks wheel wells. Both bike positions are completely independent of each other, making it easy to load or unload a second bike with one already loaded.


The most impressive feature of the Bike Rack for Buses is its self-storing support arm. This unique patented feature allows the rider to load all bikes in the same way by simply pulling the support arm out and up over the front tire of the bike. The rack contacts the bicycles tires only, no contact is made with the frame of the bicycle, reducing any potential damage to a loaded bike.


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After quickly raising the support arm up and over the front tire, the rider is ready to board the bus. Riders load and unload from the front or curbside of the bus for a safe and efficient operation.

Videos of Bus Rack in operation