Bikes on Buses pulls into the UK


Two major operators in the UK have recently installed bike rack on the outside of their buses.

Lucketts (near Portsmouth) an Nottingham University have recently fitted modern bike racks to the outside of their buses.

Lucketts fitted the racks to three buses for a service taking Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) staff to its Portsmouth West site. The move came following a request from DSTL and enables the workers from Fareham, Portsmouth, Denmead, or Havant to cycle to the pick up point and then strap their bike for the rest of their Journey.

Nottingham first installed six bus racks in 2010. They proved to be so popular with commuters that ten are on the new hopper service. With a university spread over a large city it’s now possible for commuters to bike to the bus stop, quickly and easily load their bike on the bus and carry on with their journey.

This opens up the accessibility of bus travel to a far greater number of people and encourages a healthier life style.

Bikes on Buses represents a major shift in intermodal passenger transport – truly integrating bikes and buses.

Racks return to Auckland Island thanks to local action group


Commuters and tourists on the beautiful New Zealand Island of Waiheke have Cycle Action Auckland (CAA) to thank for the long-awaited return of external bicycle racks to Waiheke Bus Company vehicles.

The racks were successfully introduced 5 years ago, but withdrawn due to legal issues at the time. CAA have been campaigning for the re-instatement of bike racks fitted to buses to improve the options for cyclists who choose to ride to and from the ferry terminal or want to explore the island’s many cycle tracks. The racks are a welcome return for commuters and tourists alike, and just in time for the summer season.

Seattle City significantly increases its bike carrying capacity

Seattle 3

The U.S. City of Seattle has been a leading advocate of external bicycle racks on buses for almost 10 years. Seattle was the first city in the world to install racks on all its buses and today over 1000 buses carry bikes. Due to high demand from the City’s local cycling community, including the renowned Cascade Bicycle Club (, all buses are now replacing the 2 position bike capacity with 3 position bike capacity racks, enabling more bikes than ever before to be carried. The ‘retiring’ 2 position racks will now be fitted to other buses that service the surrounding suburban areas, further benefitting the wider Seattle cyclist community.